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Pressure Washing

Before cleaning..


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The absolute best way to prepare your deck for accepting stain is by pressure washing. Deck Pro is careful to use just the right amount of pressure to clean your deck. We will not leave your deck with marks nor will we “fur it up to make it look like a tennis ball.” We don't use any harsh chemicals that may affect any plants you have growing around your deck.


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When we stain a deck, whether it is a solid stain, semi-transparent stain, toner or a clear, we hand brush everything (except lattice). By hand brushing, this will ensure the stain is worked into the wood, soaks in and seals it.



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Deck Pro will also make some minor repairs like replacing broken or loose deck boards, pickets, steps and railings. We will also reset nails that are lifiting up.

ZipUP Under Deck Installation

Sealing /Protecting

1. Easy to install.
2. Adds more usable space under your deck.
3. The floor joist spacing will not affect ZipUP.
4. Prevents leaking above doors and puddles of
     water under your deck.
5. Easily removed to allow access to deck
6. Creates a water tight ceiling.
7. Aesthetically pleasing.




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A deck that is properly sealed and protected will give you much more enjoyment in the spring, summer and fall.  You are protecting your investment from UV rays of the harsh sun, from the rain, and snow. A deck that is sealed and protected properly will look great year after year  as long as it is properly maintained.  If your deck is cracling and water no longer beads up on it call Victor Mertz the Deck Pro.​

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