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Solutions for your OLD deck.


Why do I need to stain my deck?

Your deck is exposed to the rain, heat, snow, ice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. When the deck is left unprotected, the deck expands and contracts with the wetting and drying cycles. As a result the wood begins to dry, crack, split and warp.









How often do I need to have my deck stained?

Typically a deck needs to be stained every 2-3 years.

Why should I install ZipUP Under Deck ceiling?

1. Easy to install.
2. Adds more usable space under your deck.
3. The floor joist spacing will not affect ZipUP.
4. Prevents leaking above doors and puddles of
     water under your deck.
5. Easily removed to allow access to deck framing.
6. Creates a water tight ceiling.
7. Aesthetically pleasing.

FAQ Above the Deck..

FAQ Below the Deck...



 ZipUP can be installed on..... 

>  a new deck OR an existing deck
>  any deck regardless of objects (6x6 post, pipes, wiring...etc)
> any deck regardless of the direction of the floor joists.




What type of deck can you install the ZipUP Under Deck Ceiling?



How does the ZipUP Under Deck Ceiling work?


Can I install it myself?


Does the ZipUP Under Deck Ceiling come in different colors?


 Can you install ceiling fans and lights?


Yes, you can ZipUP installs in 4 easy steps:

.  Add pitch rails (this will give you your fall that the
             water will run down to the gutter)
        2.  Add wall trim (around the perimeter of the deck)
        3.  Add main rails.
        4.  Add panels.

Check out our install video







​Why should I stain my deck, instead of paint it?


We would not recommend painting a deck or painting pressure treated exterior wood. Stain is made to penetrate the surface of the wood. Paint will sit on top of the wood, and eventually it will bubble, peel and crack.


​Do you use chemicals to clean the decks?

At Deck Pro, we do not use any chemicals to clean the decks. We have found that using clean water works just a well. Therefore, we do not have to worry about plant life around the deck.

How long after pressure washing do I need to waite before staining the deck?


Usually 24 hours, however, there are some new stains out that will allow you to pressure wash the deck in the morning and stain it in the afternoon.


Once my deck is stained how long before I can walk on it?


If it is a semi-transparent stain, you can usually walk on it within an hour. If it is a solid stain, it will need to dry a minimum of 24 hours or longer depending on the temperature.


How many coats of stain do you need to put on the deck?


Most semi-transparent stains are made for a one-coat process. Usually the first coat will seal the deck so any subsequent coats will not be able to penetrate the wood. However, at Deck Pro we have found that older decks can handle 2 coats of stain without any problem. If you want a solid stain typically it  will need two coats.​




The ZipUp UnderDeck ceiling is available in white and beige color. You also have a choice of flat or serrated panels.

Yes, you can install ceiling fans and lights with the  ZipUP UnderDeck Ceiling.

ZipUp is install on the underside of your deck. As it rains ZipUp catches and channels the water away through a gutter system. Keeping the underside of your deck dry.

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©2012 Deck Pro. All rights reserved.

©2012 Deck Pro. All rights reserved.​

©2012 Deck Pro. All rights reserved.

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